This guide gives you complete information on combat.
First of all you should buy yourself the highest possible armour and sword you can wear
Here's a list of the levels you need for the various armours and the required levels to wield them

  • Bronze - 1
  • Iron - 1
  • Steel - 5
  • Black -10
  • Mithril - 20
  • Adamant - 30
  • Rune - 40
  • Dragon -60
Now go to the ge and buy amulet of power, amulet of strength and amulet of defense , all of which will cost about 5000 coins (5k) totally.

Combat is the fighting level of yourself.It is the only skill where others can see the level as it will be displayed when the hover over your character.There are three factors which conribute to combat.You can view your combat level in the top part of the first tab of your dashboard depicting two swords

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Prayer
  • Range
  • Magic