It's Back!

I had not taken care of this blog for a long time but now i have decided to work on it. In the following weeks some minor changes in design and major changes in post frequencies may be expected.

How Zynga makes Millions from it's games

Well, anyone who has used Facebook for sometime would have come into contact with any of Zynga's games . With several million of people of all ages hooked up to its several games, Zynga makes a very tidy profit.The Fact : Zynga has 60mn active users who totally spend about 2 billion minutes everyday. The figures : Just about 600 Million USD.

So what do these games have that others don't?, And how exactly does this huge amount of money change hands?, Well let's find out!

About Zynga's games :

Zynga has three variants of games .
  1. The Mafia Wars type
  2. The Poker type
  3. The Farmville type
All these games were hugely successful, However people got a little bored and started giving up their devotedness to the game. Zynga had to do something and BAM, Out came out several carbon copies of the each type (other than the Poker type) . All these games give you enormous in-game benefits provided you have a lot of friends who play the game along with you. And thus, Spamming comes into place. With semi-agressive methods news of the game spread like wild fire. And people who just intend to try the game get hooked up to it. Even this has a variety of answers. Making people stay is Zynga's special talent. Their games are colourful, supported by good music, and an easy interface.

How the Cash is made

So here I am, with a farm and yipee, a couple of my friends happen to be my neighbors . And damn they are all better off with their levels, WOW! Look at that farm. Anyway what's this arrow blinking for, let me click it. Ok, plant some seeds, click this and yeah, a little of that, Yeehaw! I'm in level 2! Just 12 more levels and I beat a couple of my friends!

So I go playing happily for a few days.

Then comes a time when everyone makes their grand schemes."By just shelling out a couple of bucks I could unlock many new features and accelerate my growth to such a rate, that my friends wont know what hit them! Farm Domination, Here I come ! MUHAHAHA!"

So out goes 50$(About 270 Farm cash) in buying "Farmville Cash" and the week later, I'm the King of the Farm!, My friends start asking me my secret and blabber it out, So there they go and follow the same steps, And their friends ask them. This has the result to go on and on and on ! .
For people who like figures, an average person would have 10 Neighbours. Of this , 5 people happen to be ardent players of the game. Assuming the secret is out and only 2 out of 5 people decide to buy in, and also assuming that they pass this on to another set of 5 people and again only 2 people buy. We are looking at something along the lines of 50$ x 2[To the power of infinity!]. If we assume, that the chain lasts only for a modest 12 levels, then the net money put in by this group would alone amount to $204,800 !

And also there are decorations, limited edition ones, beautiful ones and so on. They cost a hefty sum too, Like this Dog for example, although it helps around in your farm, But, Dog food costs 1/13 the cost of the dog for one serving. Yup, it costs you 5 Farmville cash (roughly 5$)

And this is only one case of only one game. Zynga has several games like this and all have the potential of generating insane amounts of money!

Instant Shut Down and More!

Okay, so your computer is a bit laggy or you are just lazy. Whatever be the matter , Shortcuts are a way of Human life. No one can make it out there without them. So why not incorporate it into our everyday tasks? It is with this ideology that I came up with the idea of having shortcuts for Shut Down, or Restart, .

How is this useful?

Its fun and saves you a click or two.

Creating the Shortcuts

  1. Go to your desktop
  2. Right click > New > Shortcut
  3. Type in the text for what shortcut you want(ex: For restart you'll type shutdown -r -t 00 )
Optional : You can change its icon for making it look better.

For Shutdown : shutdown -s -t 00
For Restart : shutdown -r -t 00
For Logoff : shutdown -I -t 00
Note : The Logoff button does not work at the moment.

Note the -t switch, this stands for time. -t 00 means the shutdown or reboot action will begin immediately without delay after clicking your shortcut. If you wanted to hold off the shutdown or restart or logoff for a certain length of time, for whatever reason, then just indicate the number of seconds after the -t. i.e. -t 30 would wait 30 seconds before shutting down or restarting
If you want you can download the shortcuts I created from here.

The iTunes Multiple Libraries trick

People using iTunes to synch their various apple devices sometimes feel that it would be better if you can have separate media libraries for different apps. This feature would be quite useful too if you have multiple people using the same account for synching (Easily resolved by creating another user account for windows,), who rather find it inconvenient to switch between accounts.So here is a solution for you !
  1. Make a iTunes shortcut to someplace convenient, like your desktop
  2. Press the Shift key while clicking the iTunes icon
  3. You get a option to create a new library or choose from existing ones

Click to Enlarge
There you go, a simple solution for a simple problem!

Get Timeline Now!

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, The Timeline(What is Timeline?) is available only for developers, and is open to all others from September 30 2011. But if you are a little impatient and want to get your hands on it right now, well read on.
All you have to do is become a developer! , and no you don't need to study something special for it and all, just follow these steps and become a developer.

Benefits of being a Developer

Developer get cool benefits like being allowed to try out new features before it is available for the general public. The concept behind this is developers know more about the coding and working of things, so all to-be-released updates are given a 'test drive' in their hands. They spot any bugs in it and report it to Facebook

Become a Developer

According to the description anyone who has at least created a single app is a developer.
So this guide is basically on creating an App
  1. Login to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to this page. Click 'Allow'
  3. Give a random name for App name and Namespace
  4. Click the checkbox that says “I agree to the platform privacy policy.”
  5. Enter the captcha image verification code
  6. Click the "Open Graph" button in the left sidebar
  7. Again type anything in the two boxes that appear
  8. Click "Get Started" , scroll to the bottom of the screen
  9. Hit "Save Changes and Next"
  10. Wait for a couple of minutes and then go to your Homepage
  11. You will get a message below the search bar
And welcome to the world of Developers and hello Timeline!