Okay, so your computer is a bit laggy or you are just lazy. Whatever be the matter , Shortcuts are a way of Human life. No one can make it out there without them. So why not incorporate it into our everyday tasks? It is with this ideology that I came up with the idea of having shortcuts for Shut Down, or Restart, .

How is this useful?

Its fun and saves you a click or two.

Creating the Shortcuts

  1. Go to your desktop
  2. Right click > New > Shortcut
  3. Type in the text for what shortcut you want(ex: For restart you'll type shutdown -r -t 00 )
Optional : You can change its icon for making it look better.

For Shutdown : shutdown -s -t 00
For Restart : shutdown -r -t 00
For Logoff : shutdown -I -t 00
Note : The Logoff button does not work at the moment.

Note the -t switch, this stands for time. -t 00 means the shutdown or reboot action will begin immediately without delay after clicking your shortcut. If you wanted to hold off the shutdown or restart or logoff for a certain length of time, for whatever reason, then just indicate the number of seconds after the -t. i.e. -t 30 would wait 30 seconds before shutting down or restarting
If you want you can download the shortcuts I created from here.