All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans
Did I say all of Gaul?
One small village still holds out against the invaders.The village of the indomitable Gauls!
This village is surrounded by four Roman camps and the Armorican coast.
  1. Compendium
  2. Laudanum
  3. Totorum
  4. Aquarium

These Gauls are powered by a magic potion whose recipe is only known to their druidGetafix.This potion gives them superhuman strength by which our Gaulish friends hold out the invading romans so easily.Some of the main characters are Asterix,Obelix,Getafix andVitalstatistix.

There are totally 35 books(On 16th of May 2008) of which 4 are game books and the others are all story books.