I already explained two methods by whick you can do this but they worked only with CSS(sorry guys!).I have found out this method after much research and testing.
And it was so simple!.
I'm going to reveal it to you now!.
  • Copy or type the code you want to display into notepad.
  • Press Ctrl+H
  • This opens a window which is for find and replace
  • Firstly,In the find type <  and in the replace & lt; (no space between & and lt;)
  • Now click replace all.
  • Now use the same method to replace> with & gt; (no space between & and gt;)
  • Copy the code
  • Create a new post and go to the Edit HTML mode.
  • Paste the code where you want here.
  • That's it!
Here's the example:-
<a href="http://boltions.blogspot.com" target="_blank">Boltions</a>

Simple isn't it