This book was recommended to me by my father.At first sight it looked like a small book to a guy who has read the seventh part of Harry Potter,that is Harry Potter and the deathly hallows in a single day,That is about 12 hours.But when I started reading it it took me about 90 seconds or 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete just a page!(I'm talking about the book printed by the publisher Bantam Spectra).The reasons were

  1. 1. Small prints when compared to Harry potter

  2. 2. It's science fiction! so you have to take your time to understand and visaulize!
The book's written by an author called Issac Aminov,
The story goes like this,Imagine two countries

 warring for many years and never had a break on either side,If this count
ry develops a technology,the other side has developed something similar,so everyone's ready for a break in favour of their country.A professor named Benes from the other country decides to join this country.Everyone thinks this may cause a breakthrough as he(the professor) is believed to have developed a method for infinite miniaturization as compared to the current method which provides miniaturization only for some time based on the minaturization rate.
The professor is moved from the other country to this country through air.Fortunately there was no resistance by the others.After landing he is taken inside a limo by the government.
While being transported the convoy is attacked and Proffesor Benes sustains a brain injury.The injury is actually a blood clot in the skull area which could not be removed from the outside.
So a special team and a submarine is miniaturized to the size of a large bacterium and injected into the unconscious professor's body.

The team consists of
  1. Captain Owens
  2. Grant-supervisor, secret agent for this side now recalled by the government for a vacation!
  3. Michaels-pilot who knows the way around the arteries
  4. Doctor Duval, A religious person
  5. His assistant-Miss Cora Peterson
  6. The Proteus (submarine)
I am currently reading the book and have completed 186 pages out of 186.Will read in my free time and udate this post!.That is I have completed the book!.
Full reveiw coming soon!