This guide will teach you on how to increase your combat levels from 5(lowest) to anything you wish.Just follow the guide.
Here levels mean the specific levels.For example level 50 means level 50 in Attack, Level 50 in Defense and level 50 in strength

Levels 1 to 5

  • First go to the Grand exchange and buy Iron armour set(1).Any armour set(1) contains a scimtar, kiteshield, platebody and platelegs.
  • Now go to the chicken coop near lumbridge.It's location is shown in the map.This map starts from the lumbridge castle to the chicken coop
Levels 6 to 21
  • Buy a steel armour set(I)
  • If you want you could follow the fishing and cooking guide[soon!] and stack up some food
  • Go fight cows until you reach level 15[check out video for location if you don't know!]
  • Now go fight wolves and minotaurs in the stronghpld of security.
  • Way to stronghold of security video[coming soon]
  • Fight them until level 21.
Levels 22 to 35
  • Buy a mithril armour set(I)
  • You need a brass key to go to the place show
  • See the video and get to the place it shows[soon!]
  • Fight exactly in the place where I stand when the video stops(safe!)
  • Fight until level 30.
  • Now go buy Adamant armour set(I)
  • Continue fighting there until level 35.
Levels 36 to 50
  • Go to level 2 of the stronghold of security[how to:video]
  • Fight in the area where I stand when the video stops until level 40
  • Now go inside and fight here[where?:video]
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